Preparing for Showings

Preparing for Showings - This is a stressful time and while we know every showing will not be perfect. Below are some guidelines to help get you SOLD quickly!

All Rooms

  • Open curtains and blinds unless view is not desirable.
  • Turn on all lights. Tasteful music low if desired.
  • Heat or air at a comfortable temperature.
  • Sweep, wash and vacuum floors.
  • Put away toys.
  • Keep room scents neutral. Not an abundance of candles or plug in scents.
  • Do Not stuff closets or cabinet drawers as buyers will be taking a peek. Clutter can send a message of not enough storage space.
  • Limit, or you can remove personal photos if you choose. Sometimes people change for nature images.
  • Provide key for out backdoor, outbuildings, garage, etc..
  • Remove valuables – keys laptops, jewelry meds.

Since you will be moving soon, this is a great time to start boxing what you don’t currently use. Store it in one location so the remainder of the home looks decluttered. Check out the Moving Checklist drop down on this site!

Pets - I love them but not every buyer does. 

  • Put away all signs of pets and remove from home. Don’t trust strangers to not let out or interact with your beloved pets.

Home Scents - Every home has a scent and if you don’t know yours ask a trusted friend.

  • If you have strong food or animal scent the best solution is eliminating items that are causing scent prior to showing.
  • Febreze, plug-ins and candles should be used at a minimum. If you have a bunch buyers will conclude you are covering a scent.
  • A great option to bake the day of a showing. While this is seldom feasible a quick option can be to put a little vanilla in a cupcake foil and warm for a few minutes in oven prior to showing.
  • Another option is to put a little vanilla on light bulbs and when you turn on lights it will warm it.

Curb Appeal - The first impression says a lot about what a buyer can expect the inside of the home to look like.

  • Pick up after Fido in yard.
  • Sweep porch.
  • Clean door glass.
  • Snow or leaf removal if needed. Mow Lawn.
  • Clean pool, fire pit or entertaining area.
  • Open patio umbrellas, have cushions out.

Front Porch - This is where potential buyers will be waiting as the Realtor opens the lock box.

  • Make sure door mat is clean and not offensive, windows are clean, and any plants or door hangers are not obstructing entry. Look up, down and all around.


  • Remove shoes.
  • Don’t clutter closet


  • Wipe counters and appliances.
  • If you have a garden, fresh cuttings would be great if not fresh store flowers are a nice touch. You can get some unique and cheap ones at Trader Joes.


  • Open shower curtain if inside is clean and tile is worthy.
  • Wipe counters and mirrors.
  • Keep personal items in a small basket that can easily be placed under sink for showings.
  • Put down toilet seats.


  • Make beds.
  • Clear top of nightstands and dressers.
  • Media room

TIP - Keep an empty laundry basket to gather last minute mail, clothes etc. and bring it with you. LEAVE. It is best if you are not in the home. Buyers could ask something as simple as “Do you have children in neighborhood?” You answer no and they wanted kids. You answer yes and they didn’t. Also, buyers are more comfortable if the owner is not present.